Get Covered: The Benefits Of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage if you exceed the limits of your primary insurance policy. The policy comes in handy to protect your assets and financial future in case of a worst-case scenario. It typically covers professional expenses, legal costs, or loss of income if you are ever sued for something covered by your primary insurance policy, such as car accidents or home accidents. For guidance in Harrison, AR, consult Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. 

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work 

Umbrella insurance is a supplemental policy that works as a safety net for your current insurance plan. It provides an added layer of protection against high-risk scenarios and can be purchased as a stand-alone policy or added to another policy, such as car insurance. The insurance can help you cover the costs of repairing or replacing your car if it is damaged in an accident where another driver was at fault, pay for medical expenses if you are in a car accident and injured, or cover legal fees if you are sued for something related to your car. 

An umbrella policy can also help protect you from liability if you are hosting a social gathering at your home and a guest is injured due to negligence, such as serving alcohol to an underage guest. It can protect in case of a significant accident or unforeseen event. 

  • What it covers: Umbrella policies typically cover expenses above a certain threshold, such as $1 million.
  • Who it’s best for: People with a standard insurance policy who want additional protection. 
  • What to consider: Umbrella policies can be quite expensive, so you need to decide if the potential benefit is worth the cost.

Umbrella insurance is there to pick up the pieces when your primary insurance policy falls short. For example, you may have a liability limit on your car insurance, but what happens if you cause an accident that injures someone and their medical bills exceed that amount? Umbrella insurance can help cover those expenses up to a specified amount. Umbrella insurance is there for you when you need a little extra protection. 

Final Remarks 

Most policies have a limit of up to a few million dollars, which may not be enough to cover the value of your home or your assets. An umbrella policy can fill in the gaps and help protect you from financial loss if you are sued for something your other insurance policies don’t cover. Call Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. for consultation in Harrison, AR.

What Arizona Residents Need To Know About Flood Insurance

Flooding is one of the worst and most common natural disasters in America. It can devastate communities, damage properties, displace families, and destroy neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many people think that floods are part of their home insurance policies and lose property worth millions.

At Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc., we recommend learning about flood insurance and purchasing the policy on time to help cover the damage when floods occur. Here are some of the critical things homebuyers in Harrison, AR need to know about flood insurance.

No One is Safe from Flooding

Everyone is susceptible to flooding. Whether you live in a low-risk or high-risk flood area, it’s important to buy enough flood insurance to protect yourself and your family. While the coastal regions are at a higher risk of flood damage than other areas, you can never underestimate how far floods can get. Remember, flooding can be caused by many things, including heavy rain, broken dams, inadequate drainage, and melting snow.

You Might Be Required To Buy Flood Insurance

If your home is situated in an area that often experiences floods, your lender can request you carry flood insurance to protect their interests. Remember, flood insurance is separate from home insurance, and home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.

There is a Standard Wait Time for Flood Insurance

When you buy flood insurance in Harrison, AR, you may need to wait up to 30 days for the policy to qualify to file a flood insurance claim. If you buy flood insurance today and experience floods next week, flood insurance may not cover the damages.

Get Your Policy before it’s Too Late.

At Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc., we can help you get a policy that matches your budget. We ensure that you, your family, and your property are protected in a flooding event. Feel free to reach out to learn more about flood insurance and other policies.

Protect your condo with a comprehensive policy

When it comes to choosing the right policy to protect your Harrison, AR area condo, you can count on Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. Our team is proud to serve the insurance needs of our community, and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you too!

Benefits of a comprehensive condo policy

With a comprehensive policy, you can elect to have more liability insurance or opt for greater coverage of your personal articles. The main benefit of a comprehensive condo policy is its flexibility. You can choose the appropriate coverage for your needs, especially when it is greater than the protection provided by a basic policy.

If you are concerned about coming out of pocket for any expense related to a loss or liability, it only makes sense to look into comprehensive condo policies. In many condo buildings, owners are responsible for any damage that occurs in their units. This means that a mishap that occurs through your neighbor’s fault could still be a financial burden for you.

Taking the time to review your needs thoroughly can help you make a good choice when it comes to selecting your condo policy. Enhanced liability protection is just one of the benefits. Owners with expensive items may wish to take a look at a Personal Articles rider. These riders can provide excess insurance beyond the primary policy. 

When it’s time for you to select a policy, why not sit down with a knowledgeable, local agent?

Find out more today!

Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. is here for the Harrison, AR community. Call or stop by today if you would like to learn more about your condo insurance options and why a comprehensive policy may be right for you!

Life Insurance FAQ

You are probably thinking of savings accounts and retirement funds when you think of investments. Many people do not consider their life insurance to be a part of their investment plan. Life insurance is most definitely an essential form of investment, though. Life insurance is the investment you make in your family to help them when you are gone. At Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc., serving Harrison, AR, and the surrounding areas, we can help you understand this critical investment type. Keep reading to learn more.

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance is a type of insurance policy you pay each month. The policy will have a benefit amount established when you purchase the policy. If you pass away, the benefit amount will be paid to your family. This benefit amount can be used to pay for your final expenses and provide financial support to your family. 

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

The amount of life insurance purchased will vary significantly from family to family. Each individual will have different goals that they intend for the benefit amount. Some people only wish to provide enough money to have their final expenses covered, while others may want to provide a financial cushion for their family to use for years to come. You will need to discuss your goals with your family. It is also helpful to sit down with an insurance agent to discuss your goals and how much insurance coverage may be appropriate to meet those goals. 

If you would like to learn more about life insurance or any of our other insurance services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc., serving Harrison, AR, and the surrounding areas.  

How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Someone?

Have you ever imagined what could happen if uncertainties strike in Harrison, AR, and you have exhausted coverage limits of other existing policies? It’s hard, right? Fortunately, umbrella insurance is an additional policy that protects you when the current limits of your typical insurance policies get depleted. Umbrella insurance shields you against property damage, injuries, and certain lawsuits for claims from third parties. 

 Would you like to learn more about umbrella insurance? Please connect with Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. situated in Harrison, AR, for more information.

How does umbrella insurance protect someone?

Umbrella insurance is almost beneficial to all people since lawsuits can affect anyone. If you own a home, vehicle, accident, significant accidents can quickly exhaust your liability coverages. Besides, if you own a dangerous dog, participate in high-risk hobbies, or chair a charitable board, chances of being sued are high. 

 For these reasons, you need umbrella insurance to protect you in the below areas:  

Bodily injury liability

Umbrella insurance covers the cost of physical injuries you inflict on third parties. These costs encompass medical bills or liability claims propagated by incidences like:

  • A severe auto accident where you are found legally responsible
  • The harm that your dog inflicts on others
  • When a guest in your apartment slips or falls
  • Your neighbor’s kid falls while playing in your yard

 Property damage liability

This coverage caters to the cost of damage or loss you cause to another person’s tangible property. While you might have boat or auto coverages, these coverages can only do so much. Umbrella insurance takes over from where the other coverages leave off. 

 Personal liability protection

The best part about umbrella insurance is that it covers you against liabilities like libel, slander, and false arrest that aren’t covered by other base liability coverages. 

 Are you searching for umbrella insurance coverage in Harrison, AR to cushion you when your other prevailing policies are exhausted? Call or visit us at Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. for a competitive quote. 

Flood insurance FAQs

When it comes to natural disasters, it is hard to think of one that consistently causes devastation as floods. It doesn’t matter if you live in an exclusive community or a slum, the water will come, and it will cause damage. Even as little as one inch can wipe out many people’s savings. Being prepared is the only way to survive, and flood insurance is one of those preparations. At Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. in Harrison, AR, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the knowledge they need to make educated decisions regarding insurance coverage. 

Why do I need flood insurance?

Many people think home or renters insurance covers floods. In most cases, it doesn’t. You need to purchase separate insurance to get flood coverage. Your lender may also be required to have flood insurance if you live in a flood zone. 

Do I have to get flood insurance through NFIP?

The NFIP offers flood insurance through its network of approved agents, but there are also private insurance policies available. You have the option to get your insurance through whichever method you prefer. 

What are the limits on the National Flood Insurance Programs policies?

The NFIP sells two different policies. They are sold separately, and you may buy one or both. One is the building policy, and that has a limit of $250,000. The second policy is for content, and the limit is $100,000. If these limits are too low for your property, looking into a private policy makes sense. 

Who is eligible for NFIP insurance?

To purchase NFIP flood insurance, you must live in one of the 1500 participating communities.

To learn more about flood insurance, contact Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. in Harrison, AR. We will help you understand the best options for you. 

What is Condo Insurance?

If you have a condominium in Harrison, AR, you should purchase condo insurance from Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. This is important insurance coverage that helps cover the condo owner and the belongings inside. Usually, condo insurance can be in effect even when there is condo association insurance. Here are some of the perils that condo insurance can help you to cover. 

Personal Property Coverage

Personal properties such as furniture, clothing, electronics, and other items of value are usually included in condo insurance. If they are stolen, damaged by fire, or anything else happens to your personal property, this insurance property will help you recover everything without spending additional amounts.

As a condo owner, you will have to choose the personal property coverage that suits your needs. In most cases, personal property coverage can be in actual value or consider paying for replacement expenses. Always make sure you choose what meets your tastes and preferences.

Personal Liability Coverage

If a person is injured when visiting your property and determined that you are at fault, the condo insurance will help cover the necessary expenses. In this case, the insurance will be critical in covering the necessary medical expenses, which you might not cover from out-of-pocket expenses.

Sometimes, personal liability coverage can also be very effective in ensuring that it covers additional areas such as extra financial expenses needed for taking care of an injured person.

Choosing Condo Insurance Company

When looking for condo insurance in Harrison, AR, it is necessary to work with reputable insurance agencies like Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. Our organization has been in this region for many years and has a comprehensive understanding of condo insurance policies. Call us today for more details. 

Exploring The Benefits Between Whole Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance

Based in Harrison, AR, Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. provides insurance coverage to the local community. We are committed to helping our clients regardless of their insurance needs. We will simplify the process of searching for insurance. We work with multiple carriers throughout Arkansas.

Discussing Whole Life and Term Life Insurance

Life insurance helps you plan out a road map for your future. Planning for the future is often an uncomfortable subject. However, having life insurance allows for a smoother transition once you have passed away. Life insurance helps you protect your assets and ease some burden off of your loved ones after you pass away. As you figure out which policy to choose, explore the benefits of whole life and term life insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance provides extensive coverage. You are protected throughout your entire lifetime. You can help ensure that your loved ones have the resources to manage your affairs and settle your accounts after you have passed away.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies provide coverage over a specific period of time. Most of the policies are available in 10 to 15-year intervals. Term life insurance policies are an asset if you travel out of Harrison, AR to different places regularly or if you engage in high-risk activities where you can suffer a serious injury at any moment. You can set a fixed rate for your policy, or you can opt for renewable terms every year.  

Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. Will Help You Find The Right Policy

Visit our website to learn more information about life insurance.

Why should I consider an umbrella policy?

If there is one type of insurance that is virtually unknown by most people, it is umbrella insurance. If you are like most folks, you probably have no idea what umbrella insurance is and why you would want to have it. The name is intriguing, but not precisely self-explanatory in the way that collision coverage is or health insurance. Most people know what an umbrella is and when to use one, but how does that translate to insurance? If you are shrugging, you are not alone. At Foresee General Insurance Agency, Inc. in Harrison, AR, we aim to provide our customers with the best information and insurance products available. 

In order to purchase umbrella insurance, you must already have a policy that provides liability coverage. It can not be purchased alone. Some of the policies that offer liability coverage are business insurance, homeowners, and auto. The umbrella extends the liability coverage of the original policy. Once you have reached the initial limit, the umbrella kicks in. Typically umbrella policies provide between 1-5 million dollars in protection. Given what judgments can run these days, you may even go higher than that. 

An umbrella policy offers the same protection as a regular umbrella, except instead of protecting you from the weather, it protects your hard-earned asset from being lost to legal action. It can also help you to pay for the legal representation that you may need. You have worked hard to accumulate the assets that you have, and with an umbrella policy, you can have peace of mind. You have the protection you need.  

Now that you know what umbrella insurance is and how it can be of benefit to you, we welcome you to call or visit the office of Foresee General Insurance Agency, Inc. in Harrison, AR. We will provide a no-obligation quote and answer any additional questions you may have.

Top myths about flood insurance

As residents of the Harrison, AR area, you know that having the right insurance policies in place is critical to protect your home. Unfortunately, the agents at Foresee General Insurance Agency, Inc., know all too well that homeowners can end up without proper flood insurance due to popular myths. Below we have put tother a list of the most common myths homeowners need to avoid when it comes to flood insurance. 

My Homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage for floods.

By far, the myth that a homeowner’s insurance policy will provide coverage for flooding is the costliest myth out there to homeowners. Flood coverage is a separate policy that homeowners must purchase. Too many homeowners make the mistake of assuming they have coverage only to find out they have no coverage after a devastating flood. 

I do not live in a flood zone, so I do not need flood insurance.

Another costly myth is believing that your home is not located in a flood zone, so you do not need flood insurance. Over the years, floods in areas not located in flood zones have seen an increasing amount of floods that have devastated communities. If if you are not in a flood zone, you should still consider a flood policy. 

I will wait until flooding is likely, and I will purchase a last-minute policy.

Unfortunately, waiting until the last minute to buy flood insurance is not a viable option. The majority of policies have a 30 day waiting period before coverage is effective. If you have concerns about flooding, do not wait to act. 

The federal government will pay for the damage.

FEMA may offer funds in specific cases, but it is not guaranteed, and it can be a complicated process. If you are concerned about flooding, do not rely on the government for protection. 

If you would like to learn more about flood insurance, reach out to Foresee General Insurance Agency, Inc., and speak with us today. We proudly Harrison, AR serve the area.