Life Insurance FAQ

You are probably thinking of savings accounts and retirement funds when you think of investments. Many people do not consider their life insurance to be a part of their investment plan. Life insurance is most definitely an essential form of investment, though. Life insurance is the investment you make in your family to help them when you are gone. At Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc., serving Harrison, AR, and the surrounding areas, we can help you understand this critical investment type. Keep reading to learn more.

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance is a type of insurance policy you pay each month. The policy will have a benefit amount established when you purchase the policy. If you pass away, the benefit amount will be paid to your family. This benefit amount can be used to pay for your final expenses and provide financial support to your family. 

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

The amount of life insurance purchased will vary significantly from family to family. Each individual will have different goals that they intend for the benefit amount. Some people only wish to provide enough money to have their final expenses covered, while others may want to provide a financial cushion for their family to use for years to come. You will need to discuss your goals with your family. It is also helpful to sit down with an insurance agent to discuss your goals and how much insurance coverage may be appropriate to meet those goals. 

If you would like to learn more about life insurance or any of our other insurance services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc., serving Harrison, AR, and the surrounding areas.