Why should I consider an umbrella policy?

If there is one type of insurance that is virtually unknown by most people, it is umbrella insurance. If you are like most folks, you probably have no idea what umbrella insurance is and why you would want to have it. The name is intriguing, but not precisely self-explanatory in the way that collision coverage is or health insurance. Most people know what an umbrella is and when to use one, but how does that translate to insurance? If you are shrugging, you are not alone. At Foresee General Insurance Agency, Inc. in Harrison, AR, we aim to provide our customers with the best information and insurance products available. 

In order to purchase umbrella insurance, you must already have a policy that provides liability coverage. It can not be purchased alone. Some of the policies that offer liability coverage are business insurance, homeowners, and auto. The umbrella extends the liability coverage of the original policy. Once you have reached the initial limit, the umbrella kicks in. Typically umbrella policies provide between 1-5 million dollars in protection. Given what judgments can run these days, you may even go higher than that. 

An umbrella policy offers the same protection as a regular umbrella, except instead of protecting you from the weather, it protects your hard-earned asset from being lost to legal action. It can also help you to pay for the legal representation that you may need. You have worked hard to accumulate the assets that you have, and with an umbrella policy, you can have peace of mind. You have the protection you need.  

Now that you know what umbrella insurance is and how it can be of benefit to you, we welcome you to call or visit the office of Foresee General Insurance Agency, Inc. in Harrison, AR. We will provide a no-obligation quote and answer any additional questions you may have.