Does my home policy cover my home office business equipment?

Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. wants your home insurance to work hard for you so it adequately protects your Harrison, AR home. You might wonder if your home policy protects the business equipment you bring home from work.

Business Equipment Gets a Tiny Bit of Protection

Home policies only cover personal property, and some policies provide as little as $1,000 of coverage. You probably own more than $1,000 worth of items, so you would need to add additional personal property coverage.

Some home policies offer no business equipment coverage, while others offer a modest amount – typically about $500. That might seem odd in today’s work-from-home environment, but the insurance industry offers specific types of coverage for each property type. Adding a home business rider can cover home office equipment and the occasional piece of office equipment you bring home, such as your office laptop.

Expanding Your Business Equipment Coverage

Depending on the underwriter and state law, you can increase your coverage up to $10,000 for business equipment on your home insurance in some locations. This helps ensure you don’t have to pay a huge amount out of your pocket if something occurs.

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