What Will Home Insurance Cover after a Disaster?

What your home insurance covers after a disaster will depend on what occurred and your policy terms.

What Does It Cover?

Hazard insurance on a standard policy will cover many different natural disasters, such as fire, lightning, and wind. If you aren’t sure which natural disasters are covered under your specific policy, speak with an agent at Foresee General Insurance Agency, Inc. in Harrison, AR.

  • Lightning: If lightning strikes a tree and causes it to fall over and damage your home, then the dwelling coverage will pay to repair the damage. If your belongings are damaged by a peril such as lightning, then the personal property insurance will kick in to cover those items.
  • Fires: Whether it’s an accidental blaze, a fire caused by a vandal, or a wildfire, it can be covered under home insurance. Both dwelling coverage and personal property coverage can be used to pay for damages.
  • Tornados or Hail: These natural disasters will often be covered under a standard policy. If you need to relocate while your home is being repaired as a result of these disasters, then additional living expenses coverage can kick in.

What Does It Not Cover?

Even though home insurance will cover quite a few disasters, there are some instances when your policy won’t cover any damage. Damage caused by earth movements, such as landslides, mudslides, sinkholes, and earthquakes, isn’t covered. Damage from floods also will not be covered. There can also be exclusions for other water damage and mold that comes from a sewer backup. If you live in an area where flooding is common, then you want to get a separate quote for flood insurance. Maintenance damage, such as pest infestations, are not covered either.

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