How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Someone?

Have you ever imagined what could happen if uncertainties strike in Harrison, AR, and you have exhausted coverage limits of other existing policies? It’s hard, right? Fortunately, umbrella insurance is an additional policy that protects you when the current limits of your typical insurance policies get depleted. Umbrella insurance shields you against property damage, injuries, and certain lawsuits for claims from third parties. 

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How does umbrella insurance protect someone?

Umbrella insurance is almost beneficial to all people since lawsuits can affect anyone. If you own a home, vehicle, accident, significant accidents can quickly exhaust your liability coverages. Besides, if you own a dangerous dog, participate in high-risk hobbies, or chair a charitable board, chances of being sued are high. 

 For these reasons, you need umbrella insurance to protect you in the below areas:  

Bodily injury liability

Umbrella insurance covers the cost of physical injuries you inflict on third parties. These costs encompass medical bills or liability claims propagated by incidences like:

  • A severe auto accident where you are found legally responsible
  • The harm that your dog inflicts on others
  • When a guest in your apartment slips or falls
  • Your neighbor’s kid falls while playing in your yard

 Property damage liability

This coverage caters to the cost of damage or loss you cause to another person’s tangible property. While you might have boat or auto coverages, these coverages can only do so much. Umbrella insurance takes over from where the other coverages leave off. 

 Personal liability protection

The best part about umbrella insurance is that it covers you against liabilities like libel, slander, and false arrest that aren’t covered by other base liability coverages. 

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