When Should You Update Your Auto Insurance Coverage?

When was the last time you thought about your auto insurance? If you’re not reviewing your policy annually, you could lose out on valuable coverage or pay extra for unnecessary coverage. Changes in your life or lifestyle could impact your auto insurance, and you may need to update your policy to maintain accurate coverage. At Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. in Harrison, AR, we’ve compiled a few examples of when it may be necessary to update your auto insurance.

Moved to a New Location

A move to a new city or state will require that you update your contact information on your policy. If you move from a rural to an urban area, you may want extra insurance protection to cover the risks of city driving. If you move out of state, you may need to update your policy to reflect the insurance requirements of your new state.

Adding Drivers to Your Household

New drivers to your household will need to be added to your insurance policy if they are driving your vehicle regularly. Putting them on your policy ensures they’re fully protected against any eventuality.


If you’re driving less due to retirement, you may not need as much coverage as when you had a daily commute to and from work. Talk to your agent about updating your coverage to reflect new driving habits. Reducing your coverage could save you money in the long run.

Change of Vehicle

A change of vehicle will require an update to your insurance coverage. If you’re financing a new vehicle, your lender may require more extensive coverage to protect his investment. You can discuss coverage options with our agent to ensure you get the protection you need.

For help updating your auto insurance policy, contact Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. in Harrison, AR.