Condo Insurance Coverage Add-Ons You May Need

Condo insurance add-ons are enhancements that may fill in potential gaps. Review the add-ons below. These are just some coverage types you may benefit from purchasing.

Land and Shrub

If you are responsible for landscaping your property, the landscaping materials you purchase can be added to your condo insurance policy. For instance, the coverage would protect the plants from damage or theft if you own shrubs.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses covered through an add-on product will prevent you from being liable for injuries at your condo. This add-on will pay for the medical products or services you need while residing in your condo.


If you are responsible for installing and maintaining utilities, an add-on that protects them will cover the cost of repairing or replacing the original materials.

Limited Replacement Cost

A limited replacement cost add-on will protect your investments. This type of coverage will ensure that your possessions do not depreciate in value.

Instead, you will receive the fair market value of any possessions that are damaged or stolen from your condo. If you own a lot of valuables, you may benefit significantly by purchasing a limited replacement cost policy.

Refrigerated Products

An add-on that covers refrigerated products will protect against loss that occurs if you can’t keep perishables refrigerated. If you cannot refrigerate your food, the food that was originally in the refrigerator will be covered by your condo insurance add-on.

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