Types of Life Insurance – All You Need To Know

You probably do not want to think about life insurance. However, we all have loved ones and never know what can happen. Therefore, we want to ensure that the people we love are financially secure and protected if something happens to us. For this reason, it is worth getting life insurance that provides proper financial protection. 

If you are currently shopping for life insurance, you should know about its two main types:

What Are The Types of Life Insurance?

Here are the two main types of life insurance to choose from:

  • Term life insurance- This type of life insurance is valid for a limited amount of time. Term lengths are different but are not longer than 30 years. Every time the term period ends, you can renew the policy. However, every renewal usually increases the premium.
  • Permanent life insurance- This life insurance type lasts your lifetime, meaning that it does not expire. However, you should know that permanent life insurance is always more expensive than term life insurance. In addition, this type often includes a cash value component.

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