How commercial insurance can save my small business

Having a small business comes with lots of work and worry. One thing you should not have to worry about is your commercial insurance. With a trusted independent insurance agent, you can be assured that the coverage you have fits your business needs. Commercial insurance is not one size fits all. Your insurance should be customized to your business to not pay for coverage you don’t need. In Harrison, AR, the agency to go to is Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc.for friendly and knowledgeable service. 

Keeping your small business viable is important, and even if you are hit with a peril that renders it non-operational, you need to know your business will survive. Business interruption insurance is the way to do that. While it won’t protect you from every eventuality (be sure to read the exclusions on this policy) for most common perils such a fire or storm damage, this will provide the money you need to make your payroll and expenses payments. 

Being sued is a danger for any business, no matter the size, but small businesses are especially vulnerable. It is unlikely that you have an army of lawyers to defend you, and having Commerical liability insurance is the best way to make sure you have the money you may need to pay a judgment against you. 

Commercial property insurance protects a lot more than just the physical building where your business is located. It covers your office equipment, customer records, inventory, and everything inside your building. Getting these things replaced or repaired means you can be back in business sooner. 

These are just a few of the potential commercial insurance pieces that may help save your small business if you have a covered peril. To learn more about the other types of coverage available, call or visit the experienced agents at Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. in Harrison, AR for a no-obligation quote.