Do you need additional commercial insurance to protect your inventory?

Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. is dedicated to helping business owners in our Harrison, AR community protect their companies. We often have clients ask us about inventory coverage. If you are concerned that your current policy doesn’t provide the coverage you need, it’s time to talk to one of our experienced team members.

Inventory protection for your commercial business

Inventory is an important component of many businesses. As your firm grows, your inventory holdings will likely grow as well. If you are still carrying a policy that protects a past level of product, it may be time to update your coverage. Primary policies can cover inventory to a certain level, but may not have the robust coverage you need. This can be the case if you estimated your inventory during a low season, you have expensive items that exceed the maximum allowable amounts in your primary policy, or if your level of inventory has outpaced your current level of coverage.

There are many different reasons why supplemental inventory may be necessary. Of course, every company’s situation is different and that’s why it makes sense to sit down with an experienced, local agent. It is advisable to review commercial policy coverage at least once a year to ensure that it is in line with your firm’s current requirements. 

Is it time to review your current policy’s inventory coverage?

Foresee General Insurance Agency Inc. thinks it’s a great idea to regularly review your commercial insurance policy. Give us a call today and set up an appointment with one of our Harrison, AR team members. We are here to help!